Freak-wently Asked Questions






Q: Where are you located?

A: Our Main location is located at 3500 Main Hwy (Directly BEHIND the Coconut Grove Playhouse.) Our Satellite Location open during the Winter is at Virginia Key beach on the RIckenbacker causeway.


so be sure to always check your ticket to confirm your films location for those select nights! 


Q: Are you a drive-in movie theater?

A: Yes We are! BUT WE ARE the FIRST AND ONLY MINI-URBAN DRIVE-IN. So we are not located in a giant field with 300 car spots. We are right in the middle of the city and have created a very Austin, very intimate drive-in movie watching experience. Currently we have 30 car slots available per showing.

Q: Do I HAVE to have a reservation?​

A: FOR A CAR SLOT, We highly recommend it! We have limited car slots and they will go fast! Car slot tickets should be purchased in advance right here on our website!  If our car slots are sold out- you can always park outside the gates and sit in our walk in area, walk in and watch the movie in our Pedestrian seating area around our pedestrian Drive-in speaker set-up. ​You do NOT have to have a reservation for walk-in/bike-in however we recommend getting those in advance as well to speed up your entry!

Gates open 1 hour before showtime for first feature and 45 minutes before showtime for second feature of night. Reservation  Or not YOU must show up no later that 15 minutes

before showtime.

You can walk-in with chairs and blankets for $7 by paying at the gate or in advance on line or reserve our TABLE SEATING by purchasing a Walk-in package!


Q: Can I reserve a specific SPOT or ROW?

A: No. It's all based on CAR SIZE and WHEN YOU


Q: What is the "Entry Ticket"" and what is a "Car Slot?"


A: Ok, so when you go to our Now Playing/Buy Tickets page and select the movie night you want to come to,  If you want to DRIVE-IN and watch IN or AROUND your actual CARyou WILL purchase a CAR SLOT  ticket . If you have more than 2 people in your car you will pay for the additional number of people in your car over the 2 that come with the package when you arrive.


Q: can I bring my own food and drink?

A: Yes. We don't like to limit our customers options and enjoyment. As well as their creativity. However we do ask that you patronize our concession stand as well at least for your popcorn, candy and soda's if you do not buy a concession package in advance. It really does help support our ability to keep bringing you quality nights of entertainment as only the drive-in can.


Visit our concession stand HERE!!

Q: How much is it?

 $25-$45 for drive-in with 2 people (depending on package) / $5 per additional passenger and $7 for walk-in


COMMENT: "That seems pricey? I have to get a car slot and also extra entry tickets per person?"


Our response: FIrst off we are happy to say that most people don't make this comment, especially after they have their first blue starlite night. But here's the deal. We have very limited space. Unlike most drive-in's that service hundreds of cars, we service less than 30, so you get what you pay for, a very intimate and full service experience. Also we don't make our money on concessions like most movie theaters. We actually encourage you to bring your own meal creations to compliment the movie of the night, so we have to make at least enough to stay in business and the prices we have set make that possible. Our public nights in fact are not what keeps us in business, it's our private rentals that do. So really it's other people's private parties that in part sponsor our ability to be open to the public.


"But really? How can it cost so much to run a little movie theater showing old movies?" Well the truth is, older "vintage" and "classic" movie license fees (that we do pay to the studios) often cost more to show than new films. and most theaters have space for many more people to pay to see them! 


But most important is the breakdown of the value...


See, depending on how many people you bring- the cost really breaks down to about $10-$15 per person for a full night of entertainement at a one of a kind venue.  


Yes, it ends up costing more per person the fewer people you bring but again, we are very very small, so if everyone came in a car to the drive-in alone, and we didn't acount for that, we would not be here very long, and we would like to be here for a long time.


We hope that helps you understand our pricing and shows you that we have tried to create a ticketing system that can be affordable while making it possible for us to offer this intimiate setting for your night out with friends, family outing, or one of a kind date night for the long haul!


Q: So what are your concession "Packages?"

A: Food packages to add to your car slot for One stop shopping!


SMORES PACKAGE- Get smores for your money with our signature drive-in dessert- Smores Kit for 2, a fire to cook it on,  plus a box of movie theater candy!

The Family Plan:  includes popcorn, Candy/soda and Smores for 4!​


How the smores works: you get a smores kit with everything you need to build a smores sandwich. We give you a little tiny fire to cook your marshmallows with on skewers and then you put them all together like at a summer camp- camp out, but instead, at a drive-in movie!



A: In a word! YES! But they are set up for our Walk-in pedestrians to hear the film, cars at our new grove location listen with their cars FM Radios!

Q: Can I walk in, or Bike In

A: Yes . We have plenty of space ALWAYS for Bikers and walkers! BRING YOUR OWN blanket or chairs !  WE DO NOT GUARANTEE SEATING as we have a limited number of seats for EARLY ARRIVALS! We have vintage drive-in speakers for you to hear the movie with!


Buy your TIX for walk up/Bike-in at gate- $8 A PERSON or on our website "General Admission or if you'd like the walk-in food package with reserved seating we got a limited number of those!

Q: What happens if it rains?

A:  If it is raining before the film we will not call the film off until 15 minutes after the shows START TIME. IF IT IS STILL RAINING HARD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN OUR EQUIPMENT SAFELY THEN AT THAT TIME WE WILL CALL it a RAIN OUT.  if it starts raining during a film we will  only call it a RAIN OUT if it begins RAINING HARD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN OUR EQUIPMENT SAFELY.


If there is a LIGHTING OR DANGEROUS WIND STORM before film we reserve the right to cancel /CLOSE up to 30 minutes before showtime without warning.


If we do call it a RAIN OUT, we will either reschedule the screening or give out RAIN CHECKS and you will be able to reserve a new space for a different film later in the month. We do not offer REFUNDS, just Rain Checks  for make up dates or other future showings.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks.

A: Yes. But we would appreciate you buying some of our Tasty Treats as it is what keeps us in business. But you are WELCOME to BYOB!


Q: Do my kids need tickets?


A: Can they walk and Talk? If so then yes. If they can't, then no!



Q: Can I bring my Dog?

A: Does it bark at cars, people, the moon, you, or at movies? Then no. If  it doesn't  and is small, on a leash, stays in your vehicle at all times, and is the friendliest dog in the world then yes!

Q: Can we sit in the back of our truck?

A: Hells yea! Just tell your Drive-in attendant you wanna park with your cab out. BUT you MUST FOLLOW THE NO TALKING OUT OF YOUR CAR RULE !

Q: Can we leave our car on some of the time for air or  heat?


Q: Can I bring my really really big SUV:

A: You can, we have a few Big SUV spaces, but the experience will be better for you and the other guests around you if you can come in a smaller car. We are a Mini-Urban Drive-in as you know, but it does happen to be in a city with really BIG CARS! SO IT MIGHT EFFECT WHERE WE ARE ABLE TO PLACE YOU IF YOU HAVE A LARGE CAR!

Q: What time should we show up?

A: Gatess for first feature of night open 60 minutes(Check Your Ticket for Gate Time) before show time, the earlier you show up the more time youll have to enjoy the drive in, our vintage pre-show and for those with vouchers and no reservations, better chance you'll shurly get a space!

And a space you are most happy with! *see above note on 2nd feature of night - (9pm or later movies entry time is 30 minutes before feature.)




Q: What kind of movies do you show?

A: We are kinda like BOB FM, we play anything WE WANT. Our main rule is it has to be something that was made during the days of drive-ins. 1940s to 2000s. We also show Cult Classic Indie movies, and anything that was meant to be seen in a drive-in setting.


Q: Do you have CAPTIONS?


A: Our public night films are not captioned. But we are always open to doing special discounted private nights for small or large groups who want to see a movie with subtitles on the screen. We have done a number of English Captioned nights over the years. 

Q: What is your format?

A: We screen Hi-Def Digital projection on a 22 by 11ft. widescreen!

Q: Can I reserve the drive-in for just me and my friends? Or for a party or corporate event, And what can we show?

A: Yes. And we make it quite affordable, you will be surprised. See our Rental section. We want anyone that wants a private drive-in night, to be able to have one! We also have very reasonable rates for larger parties anywhere from 10 to over 100! You bring the DVD of your choice and we will do the rest! See our rental menu HERE!



Question of the Month-



Answer: So you bought a Groupon and now you wanna know what to do with it. If you just want to use it at face value as a Walk-in deal then all you have to do it show up with your groupon on your iphone or printed out and Walk-In! We have limited Pedestrian Seating so please arrive around GATE OPEN time to assure good seats! AND CHECK OUR NOW PLAYING TICKET PAGE FOR TIMES AND DATES. Currently we are open Mon-Thurs!


If you want to UPGRADE TO A CAR SLOT you need to purchase the GROUPON CAR RESERVATION UPGRADE!

You do this by going to the ticket buying page for the movie you want to see and purchasing 1 of the SMALL CAR GROUPON car reservations that will allow you to bring 1 Compact Car for your groupon so you can Drive-in and watch the movie in your car. If this ticket is NOT available or is marked as SOLD OUT it means that this nights alotment of GROUPON UPGRADE TICKETS are no longer available. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU RESERVE YOUR GROUPON UPGRADE CAR SLOT WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE NIGHT YOU WANT TO COME! WE HAVE GROUPON CAR SLOT UPGRADE TICKETS FOR BOTH OUR LOCATIONS!


WE DO NOT DO GROUPON CAR UPGRADES DURING PEAK WEEKS OF THE YEAR Christmas, Halloween, July 4th and Valentines Weeks.








Reservation Policy:



Cars with reservations must show up no later than 20 minutes BEFORE show time to guarantee space!


Paid advance reservations:

NO REFUNDS- We will be happy to reschedule you for an alternative night should an issue come up on our end making it needed to rescheduled.

Good Mood Manifesto / Policy- 



GRUMPY, MEAN, SARCASTIC, Combative, Rude ATTITUDE will not be tolerated. We ask everyone to leave their bad days, moods and issues at the gate before entering the drive-in! Our happy patrons and staff want to spend their evening in a positive environment. We are a small space where every person helps create the ambiance / experience of the Boutique Drive-in. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone being Nasty, Rude, or Huffy to our staff or patrons. Yes, we are serious!




We are not responsible for you or your car while in drive in.


Keep your children with you at all times.

Dogs are only allowed if leashed, Small, not barking, friendly and can stay in car.

We do not allow people to be noticeably intoxicated on our grounds, if we see that you are a danger to yourself, our property or the people around you, OR YOU ARE RUINING THE EXPERIENCE FOR OTHER DRIVE IN PATRONS you will be TOLD to leave the premises WITH NO REFUND.

No screaming or yelling and NO TALKING DURING THE MOVIE. You can talk in your car with your windows rolled up! That's the beauty of the drive-in.


The fine print: RULES!

How to be a good drive-in neighbor!



Please remember to turn off your vehicle and all its lights during the show. Please turn off the volume on all personal electronics.

DO NOT TEXT OR USE YOUR CELL PHONE OUTSIDE OF YOUR CAR and be considerate of your fellow drive-inners.

You can NOT SMOKE IN YOUR CAR OR NEXT TO IT as SMOKE WILL GET INTO THE CARS AROUND YOU! There are designated smoking areas on the outskirts of the drive in area.

You can NOT be NOTICEABLY INTOXICATED in the DRIVE IN AREA. If you are you will be asked to leave!


And we reserve the RIGHT to TELL anyone who is getting in the way of others enjoying the drive in to LEAVE without a REFUND.

Rain Policy: If it is raining too hard to show or continue showing the film we will cancel it onsite and issue rain checks to those who show up for the film.